Pastel Fuzz EP

by Yaurout

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Brisbane's Yaurout establish themselves as a DIY Alt-Rock band with their sophomore release, Pastel Fuzz EP. Striking the melancholy vibe of The Smashing Pumpkins and the iconic, ironic nature of Sonic Youth, these lads just want to play what they enjoy, while they’re young enough to still enjoy playing it.


released July 30, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by Billy McCulloch*
Artwork by Danyn Andrews

*Tetherrope mastered by Mathew Gray.



all rights reserved


Yaurout Brisbane, Australia

Yaurout:- Brisbane's best golf-rock band. Influenced by tinnitus and other buzzwords.

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Track Name: Tetherrope
Hanging onto my tetherrope. It’s all you’ve ever known.
Sitting at home. Sitting alone in the dark with my headphones on.
There’s a spider in my skull. He’s never been not there.

He passes out while paranoid.
Give me doubt, I’m overjoyed.

Holding onto my tetherrope. It’s all you’ve ever known.
I am here… Lying upside down on the ground for you.
There’s a spider in my skull… oh well.
He’s never been so scared.

He passes out while paranoid.
Give me doubt, I’m overjoyed.
Burning out candle boy.

How long is my tetherrope?
Track Name: Nevermind Me
I wish I could walk away.
I hope that I do.
I can’t stand up near myself
I’m always asking for help.
I’m in such a maze.
I’m getting so dazed
Help me, show me the way
‘Cause I don’t want to rage.

I make people walk away
And I hope that they do
I can’t stand them near myself
I’m always asking for help
I don’t know what to do
I’m getting so confused
Help me, give me a clue
Or I’ll burst in bloom.

I believe in– nevermind.
Track Name: Glum
Hold me up. Pull me down.
I’m a frown but that’s okay.
I’m alive and that’s a shame
But I guess that’s okay

I guess he’s bored…
He’s never shure.
Doesn’t talk he’s awkward
It’s nice to meet you, I’m Glum.

I guess he’s okay.
Track Name: Warm Days
I can feel you on my breath.
Left me with that scent like cigarettes

She’s a warmer, cloudy day
Flowerboy, he’s always late
I may be down but I’m glad you came.

Feel like I can’t read what’s on your mind
Know what I think, know that I am fine
Reading all the thoughts from all the times

And I have to hate myself
Feel I’m denied to hate anyone else
Track Name: Flowerboy
Flowerboy in my head
Flying over me
Flowerboy in my head
Yeah he’s higher than me

About the love
About the drugs
It’s all for fun

Flowers are all now dead
Higher are we,
Flowers are all now dead
Crying over me